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22 April 2011 @ 09:58 pm
Lupin love...  
So lately I've embarked upon the great Harry Potter re-read project. Also accompanied by the Harry Potter movie catch-up project, which are being watched in conjuction with the books. So I'm about half way through Goblet of Fire right now. But after I finished Prisoner of Azkaban and watched the movie I was struck by the memory of why I so loved that one. It was because of Lupin. Remus John Lupin was one of the best Harry Potter characters ever. He was the perfect father figure for Harry at just the right time. He provided guidance, caring, discipline, and most importantly, a link to his parents. And it just so happens he was also a werewolf. But really, the werewolf thing was minor, he was also the best defense against the dark arts teacher Hogwarts ever had...he was so good with the children. It was such a shame that he couldn't keep his job for longer. It was all Snape's fault, of course. Anyway, I've been looking at YouTube vids that honor the great Professor Lupin and I've come across a few to post here.

The first is by JeBriggs98 and is more of a general POA video.

By nausicaa83 here is Broken

ElizabettGornRosh with Fighter.

rodeogal1992 with Can't FIght the moonlight.

Also, RIP Lis Sladen.

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